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And shouldn’t you love yours? It seems like the majority of people truly dislike the dentist and have major anxiety as a result. A lot of that I believe is due in part to the lack of control we may feel when in the dentist’s chair. We can’t see what they’re doing and really have no sense of timing as to when something may give us a zing in just that spot that makes us cringe all the way down to our toes! You know exactly what I’m talking about. I never really considered what my dentist must go through and how he handles patients with anxiety until he asked me for some Totems to keep in his office. Brilliant! He hopes that patients will be able to relieve some of their own anxiety so he can focus on the task at hand, or mouth as it may be.  You know how when you’re about to get a novocaine shot and your dentist wiggles your cheek? They don’t do that because it helps them, they do it because it helps you. Your brain gets distracted by the wiggling in your cheek just long enough to still you so the doctor can inject you. If a patient is holding on to a totem and reciting the rhyme or just visualizing the shift in colors, they will more than likely reduce the level of anxiety they are feeling and help the dentist relax as well.  So take your totem to the dentist, or better yet get your dentist to stock some totems!

Smile big and stay well!