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We are all different. Thankfully. If we were all the same we would get bored with each other pretty quickly. As an individual I revel in my “different-ness.” As a parent however, I worry that my children might not be ready to handle their “different” character traits and personalities. I applaud my son who doesn’t care that his pants are too short or that his shirt is on backwards. I praise my other son for not caring that people think his long hair makes him look like a girl. Then there is my middle son, of whom I am his biggest cheerleader, who is amazingly sensitive to the world around him and cares greatly what others might think. It is this sweet boy who is also unique and special, but just hasn’t developed that ingredient that helps him accept it. That’s why he carries a totem around with him a lot. The totem reminds him that his feelings aren’t bigger than he is, and he can use the totem to calm himself if he gets overwhelmed. It’s been wonderful to watch him take over power of his emotions, and even though he still gets upset and angry and nervous and experiences all the feelings you expect from a nine-year-old boy, the feelings don’t prevent him from participating in life.
I will be updating you as often as I can with stories, tips, articles and links to support. Hopefully we can remove the stigma that exists for people who “feel too much,” and we can recognize that all people feel differently and that’s a beautiful thing. Find your totem at http://www.totemtamers.com.
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